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AspiratorsCell Aspirator

Cell Aspirator
Fresh Air and Exhaust Systems

PHA series cell aspirators are designed to meet the need for ventilation in industrial facilities. It is used for fresh air and exhaust firing systems.

Use of Cell Aspirator

Fans are selected as sparse blades or dense blades according to the purpose of use. Fan type in cell aspirators; It is determined according to the technical characteristics of the area it will address and for what purpose it will be used. The required air flow and pressure calculations are made and the fan and motor selection is made. Production is made according to the duct connection directions.

A filter can be added as needed, and an electric heater can be integrated if it is used as a fan. Intervention covers with an easy-to-remove structure can be practically disassembled in case of maintenance and repair; can be fitted.

With optional frequency inverters, the fan motor speed can be increased or decreased depending on your usage intensity; Thus, energy savings can be achieved. It is manufactured with or without a filter, depending on preference.

What is Cell Aspirator?

Cell aspirator, according to the physiological characteristics of the ambient air, low or high suction and blowing; They are devices used to provide air circulation. It can be manufactured with filter, without filter and with electric heater according to the usage area.

Fans with sparse or frequent blade structure are used. Cell panels; It is manufactured as double-walled and electrostatically painted. Aspirator frame consists of aluminum profiles and plastic corners. Vibration damping rubber wedges are used in cell aspirators.

Where are Cell Aspirators Used?

Cell aspirators are used to provide air circulation in all areas where heating and cooling is not desired.

Cell Aspirator Prices

Cell aspirator prices; It varies according to the aspirator flow rate and whether it has a filter or not.

  • 2 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects
  • Service Support Service
  • Heat and Sound Insulation
  • Optional Speed Control Board
  • Different Filter Options 
  • High Efficiency Fan Technology
  • Electrostatic Painted Cabinet
  • Optional Electric Heater
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