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Ecological UnitsFlueless Ventilation Systems

Flueless Ventilation Systems
We Eliminate Your Odor and Smoke Problem!

PEKL series ecological units; designed to filter the oil, smoke and odor in industrial kitchens; It has been turned into a professional unit by integrating different filter systems and aspiration system.

Flueless Ventilation Systems

Ecological ventilation systems; It is designed to clean oily and dirty kitchen air in kitchen exhaust systems before it is released into the atmosphere. Stackless ventilation systems; It consists of electrostatic filter, active carbon filter and aspiration system. exhaust air; It is purified from oil and smoke with an electrostatic filter and from odor with an active carbon filter.

Flueless Ventilation Prices

Chimneyless ventilation prices; according to device capacities; It varies according to under hood cookers and density.

Flueless Ventilation System Working System

The smoke filtered by pulling from the environment is separated from the air by making it invisible to the naked eye, and as a result of the correct filter selection and the correct system installation, irritating odors are prevented.

Filters belonging to three different groups are used in the flueless ventilation plant. The G2 metal wire filter, which is used as a pre-filter, prevents the oil in the exhaust air from going into the power plant, prolonging the life of other filters; It enables it to perform its functions with maximum efficiency.

Electrostatic filter ensures minimum density by burning the smoke with high voltage; Cartridge activated carbon filters are used to reduce odor to minimum levels.

Plug fan aspiration system with sparse blade structure is used in PR-KDS series odor and smoke trap filtering units. The lack of belt and pulley ensures that the power taken from the engine is transferred directly to the fan. Thus, situations such as power losses and possible belt shedding are prevented. With the frequency inverter system control panel, the motor speed can be controlled and unnecessary energy consumption can be avoided depending on your usage intensity.

Flueless Ventilation Usage Areas

Ductless ventilation system; It is used in places where there is a chimney problem, where a chimney license cannot be obtained, and where hood air is required to be filtered. Odor and smoke trap filtering plants; It is especially used in businesses that have a chimney problem, cannot make a chimney, or have a chimney but want the waste air coming out of the chimney to be thrown into the atmosphere in a clean way. Thanks to this system, there is no need to build a chimney up to the roof of the building.

  • Hospitals,
  • Restaurants,
  • Shopping malls,
  • Business Centers and Offices.
  • Environmentally Friendly System
  • 2 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects
  • Service Support Service
  • Heat and Sound Insulation
  • High Particulate Retention Efficiency
  • High Efficiency Fan Technology
  • Control Panel System
  • Electrostatic Painted Cabinet
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