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Heat Recovery DevicesHeat Recovery System

Heat Recovery System
HRV Devices

PHRV series heat recovery devices are designed to save energy while improving indoor air quality. Heat recovery devices work with the principle of air-to-air heat transfer, that is, transferring the energy of the conditioned space air sucked from the space to the fresh air to be blown into the space. The small difference between the fresh air temperature and the room air temperature will provide quality indoor air.

What is Heat Recovery Device?

Self-powered fan technology is used in PHRV series heat recovery devices manufactured as standard. Self-powered fans can achieve high efficiency with low energy consumption and come to the fore with their silent operation.

Heat Recovery Device Transfer

In heat recovery devices, the transfer process takes place with high efficiency plate heat exchangers. Fresh air and exhaust air pass through the heat exchanger crosswise without mixing with each other. The gain is achieved by realizing the heat transfer of the fresh and exhaust air sliding over each other.

As a standard, all Pirsan heat recovery devices are equipped with two dust trap filters. With these filters, the fresh air to be blown into the space is purified from dust; Also, dust is prevented from entering the heat exchanger. For filter cleaning, filter maintenance can be done by opening the easily accessible intervention covers.

Heat Recovery Device Features

All of our heat recovery devices produced as standard have a functional and digital control panel. With this panel, functions such as setting the temperature, controlling the fresh air and exhaust fans independently, activating and removing the electric heater can be controlled.

Electric heaters, which are offered as an option to heat recovery devices, are activated when the indoor air temperature is low, and the air with reduced heat load can be increased to the desired temperatures with heaters. It is possible to manufacture in different sizes and capacities.

The inner surfaces of the PHRV series heat recovery devices are completely insulated and have dimensions that can be placed in a suspended ceiling. It is possible to deliver from stock in capacities of 1.000 m3/h, 2.000 m3/h, 3.000 m3/h, 4.000 m3/h. Please contact our company for different capacities.

  • 2 Years Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects
  • Service Support Service
  • Heat and Sound Insulation 
  • Digital Control Board
  • High Efficiency Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Low Noise Fan Technology
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