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Kitchen Exhaust Plant

Kitchen Exhaust Plant
Kitchen Exhaust Plant With Heat Recovery

PHKVS series heat recovery kitchen exhaust plants; It is designed for fresh air needs with hood exhaust system in industrial kitchens. With the heat recovery kitchen exhaust plant, uncontrolled air movements that may occur in the kitchen area have been prevented, and thus pressure balances can be easily achieved in a comfortable way.

Optionally, heating/cooling coils and additional filters on the fresh air side and electrostatic filter and carbon filter on the aspirator side can be integrated into the unit.

What is a Kitchen Exhaust Plant?

Kitchen exhaust centrals are plants where the exhaust air drawn from the hood transfers its heat to the fresh air in winter. With the plant, both the hood suction and fresh air needs are met.

Where is the Kitchen Exhaust Plant Used?

Kitchen exhaust plants; It is used in all areas where the heat load is high and fresh air is needed, especially in industrial kitchens.

Kitchen Exhaust Unit Prices

Kitchen exhaust plants differ according to the required air flow and option status.

  • 2 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects
  • Service Suppurt Service
  • Heat and Sound Insulation
  • Different Filter Options
  • High Efficiency Fan Technology
  • Electrostatic Painted Cabinet
  • Low Energy High Efficiency
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