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Air Handling UnitsMixed Air Handling Unit

Mixed Air Handling Unit
Minimizes Heating and Cooling Load

Mixed air handling units; It is used in areas where there is no polluting and toxic gas such as schools and universities, warehouses and warehouses, markets, printing houses, shopping malls, shopping malls and cinemas.

Mixed Air Handling Unit

Mixed air handling unit; It is used in places where there are no indoor pollutants. It is aimed to minimize the heating/cooling load of the air to be conditioned with mixed air air handling units.

Where is Mixed Air Handling Unit Used?

Mixed air handling unit; It is used in areas where there are no indoor pollutants.

Working Principle of Mixed Air Handling Unit

Working principle of mixed air handling unit; The fresh air taken from the outside is mixed with the return air at determined rates. Mixture; It is provided by the mixing damper located on the air handling unit. The exhaust air damper closes at the rate that the mixing damper opens.

In mixed air handling units, the air is filtered and conditioned after mixing and blown into the room. The purpose of using mixed air air handling units is to reduce the heating/cooling load and to increase the supply air temperature; It is to keep the comfort stable without opening the difference between the indoor temperature and the indoor temperature.

Mixed Air Handling Unit Prices

Mixed air handling unit prices; It varies according to the air handling unit flow rate, heating-cooling capacity and the filters used.

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