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About Us

Pirsan Hvac

Pirsan started its activities in the industrial ventilation systems sector in 2008 in Ostim. Setting out with the principle of “quality indoor air”, PIRSAN has managed to make its name known frequently in this process.

Pirsan, which has a place in the sector with the manufacture of ducts, aspirators and ventilators; Today, with a more professional approach, it is taking firm steps towards its goal by growing more and more professionally in the sector in the supply of ventilation equipment with all kinds of aspirator, ventilator, heat recovery device, shelter unit, air handling unit and filter production.

The company, which manufactures in accordance with international norms, has crowned its brand value with its trademark registration certificate, CE, TSE-HYB and ISO certificates. Pirsan, advancing with flexible design conditions, quality service understanding, customer satisfaction and solution focus policy, has always adopted innovation, quality and functionality as a company principle.

Pirsan Havalandırma Hakkında


All products of industrial ventilation systems; To closely follow the innovations brought by the age, to produce in accordance with international quality standards and today's technology and to present them to our customers.


To be a company that is open to innovations, directs the sector, constantly growing, aims to meet customer expectations and solve problems, constantly learns, develops, produces and wants to provide employment by teaching the next generation.

Values And Principles

  • Our customers: is our benefactor. It is our priority to meet the expectations of our customers and to be a solution to their problems. It is our duty to provide the necessary technical support after the delivery of work and to always be with them.
  • Quality: We have PIRSAN quality and equipment of all materials and goods from our equipment. With the R&D studies carried out in control periods, international review is carried out and all usage pre-shipment quality and controls are delivered.
  • Reasonable price: Necessary market researches are carried out for all materials supplied depending on the desired conditions and quality, and the reflection of the low cost is positive for our customers.
  • Our biggest goal is always "to be remembered well": It is our biggest goal that our company and our products are always well remembered with what we produce and what we will produce in the future.
  • Work ethic: The most important condition for success is work ethic. We always respect the differences, innovations and competition.
  • Our staff: are important building blocks for this formation. Providing them with a happy, peaceful, healthy and respectful working environment will add value to our company, our staff and what we produce. Zero work accident is our company principle. All kinds of personal protection are provided to our personnel.
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