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AspiratorsRectangular Duct Type Aspirator

Rectangular Duct Type Aspirator
Fresh Air and Exhaust Systems

Rectangular duct type aspirators are designed for air evacuation and fresh air applications in industrial facilities. It is a simple but effective solution for industrial facilities.

What is Duct Type Aspirator?

Fan-motor integration is provided by directly stabbing the electric motor into the fan hub. It is manufactured as self-engined and outboard motor. Fan speed; It can be controlled by speed switch in self-powered duct type aspirators and by frequency inverter in duct type aspirators with external motor.

The fan structure is backward curved and has sparse blades. Thanks to this structure, the blades are difficult to get dirty and easy to clean. Maintenance can be done easily by removing the fan intervention cover without removing the aspirator during maintenance.

Duct Type Aspirator Working Principle

Duct type aspirators, self-powered or external-engined plug fan technology with sparse blade structure are used. It achieves high performances with low energy consumption. The body of the aspirator is manufactured from galvanized sheet. It can be used for suction or fresh air depending on the mounting position. It is optionally produced with a filter.

Where are Duct Type Aspirators Used?

Rectangular duct type aspirators; It is used for air evacuation or fresh air systems depending on the mounting position.

Duct Type Aspirator Prices

Duct type aspirator prices; varies according to the aspirator flow rate.

  • 2 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects
  • Service Support Service
  • Optional Speed Switch 
  • Low Noise Level
  • High Efficiency Fan Technology
  • Optional Electrostatic Painted Casing
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