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Factory Ventilation System

Factory Ventilation System

PAF series automatic louver axial fans and PR-FTF series fiberglass automatic louver axial fans; It is used in all industrial areas with ventilation problems. PR-TF series automatic louvered axial fans are widely used in poultry farms, cattle barns, mushroom production facilities and vegetable greenhouses, factories, workshops, etc. It is used to remove gas, smoke, dust and bad odors in working environments.

These fans, which produce maximum flow with minimum energy consumption, can reach 46,000 m3/h flow rate at approximately 0 Pa pressure with a 1.5 kW motor. Thanks to the automatic louver, which is activated when the fan is running, the louver will always be closed when the fan is not working and there will be no air intake.

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Axial fans with automatic louver, in the sector; It is also called poultry fan, greenhouse fan, farm fan, poultry fan, poultry farm fan, farm aspirator, shelter fan and factory fan. Another product used in factory ventilation systems is axial fans with automatic shutters made of fiberglass material. These fans are the same as the axial fans with automatic louver as a system and the only difference is their usage areas.

PAF series axial fans with fiberglass automatic shutters, which are resistant to corrosion, are designed for exhaust and circulation purposes in chemical production areas, humid and acidic environments, and corrosive steam environments.

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