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Fancoil Systems

Fancoil Systems

The fan coil system is essentially a completely watery system. Hot water is produced in a hot water boiler, and cold water is produced in a chiller. Fancoil devices are elements that contain a fan and a serpentine as a heat transfer surface. The air, which is taken from the room with the help of a fan and heated or cooled by passing over the serpentines, is blown back into the room.

If cold water passes through the serpentine, cooling is done, if hot water passes, heating is done. The water returning to the center with the return pipes is reheated/cooled here and circulation is provided. Circulation pumps are used for this purpose. It is especially preferred in multi-room buildings and applications where there is not enough volume to pass ducts.

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It is especially used in hotels, hospitals, offices and high-rise residences. Fancoil units can be placed in front of windows, inside suspended ceilings or under the ceiling and inside the flooring. Accordingly, different fancoil types have been developed.

In order to provide comfortable air conditions, it must be clean as well as heated or cooled air. In fancoil devices, before the air hits the battery, it hits the dust collector G4 filter.

If there is a single coil in the fan coil used, the installed system is called a two-pipe fan coil system. Two pipes circulate in the system making distribution and collection. A distribution pipe, a collection pipe are connected to each fancoil device. In this case, either cold water or hot water can be circulated throughout the system. Therefore, either heating or cooling can be done at the same time in the whole system.

However, the system is different in four-pipe fan coils. Four pipes circulate, making two distributions and two sums. Two distribution pipes, two collection pipes are connected to each fancoil device. One of the pipe pairs circulates cold water and the other hot water. Therefore, four-pipe fan coils can simultaneously heat and cool independently of each other.

While the problem of variability in the comfort conditions caused by the temperature difference during the seasonal transitions cannot be solved with two-pipe fan coils; four-pipe fan coils are the solution to your problem.

There are two important components for the operation of fancoil systems. These are the fancoil thermostat and motorized valves. The fan coil thermostat manages the motorized valve and fan of the fan coil device according to the comfort temperature value (set value) of the people in the environment. In order to do this, when there is a need for heating, the thermostat opens the valve to allow the hot water to pass through the fan coil and starts the fan; when the desired temperature is reached, it closes the valve and the fan. Similarly, it repeats the same process for cooling requirement.

Fancoil thermostat controls the motorized valve and fan according to the comfort conditions of the people in the environment. With the thermostats, summer-winter modes and level adjustment can be made and the desired temperature can be set. When there is a need for heating and cooling, the thermostat opens the valve for hot or cold water to pass through the fancoil and starts the fan; When the set temperature is reached, it closes the valve and the fan. Thermostats in different designs with analog and digital led lighting are determined in line with customer preference.

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Another important component in fancoil systems is motorized valves. This valve controls the flow of water that will pass through the fan coil unit. Motorized valve opens or closes according to the demand for heating or cooling the environment. These engines have on-off models as well as proportional models.

If it is desired to increase the sensitivity in space temperature control, proportional control should be preferred instead of on-off control in the FCU valve. Fancoil indoor units also vary in terms of decoration and usage. Below are the photos of the fancoil indoor units.

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