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Pool Ventilation and Dehumidification System

Pool Ventilation and Dehumidification System

In cases where humidity is not controlled in indoor pools, comfort deteriorates and causes corrosion and wear on the structure and wooden parts of the building. In the winter months and in the summer evenings when the outside temperature is colder than inside, the water vapor in the air visibly causes perspiration on the cold wall surfaces. When the relative humidity is above 60% for long periods, it is impossible to avoid damaging effects on the building's components.

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When the chlorine evaporates from the pool water combines with the condensed water, it turns into hydrochloric acid, which is a corrosive chemical, increasing the corrosion effect.

High humidity also allows the growth of bacteria and fungi harmful to human health. However, keeping the humidity in the range of 50-60% is the most unconditional level at which micro-organisms can breed.

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Pool dehumidifiers are complex devices that limit the amount of humidity in indoor swimming pools between certain values. In addition to its dehumidification function, it also provides air-conditioning of the pool area.

Thanks to the hot water coil integrated on the device, the heat coming from the hot water generator is sent to the environment with the help of fans. When the water molecules suspended in the air come into contact with the cold evaporator surface, they quickly reach the dew point and form a droplet, moving down along the serpentine fins and collected in the drainage chamber. As this process is repeated continuously, the air is purified from moisture. In addition, hydrochloric acid in the air is decomposed.

Pool dehumidification units, which operate according to the temperature difference of the indoor and outdoor environment, ensure that the humid air is evacuated directly in cases where the outdoor environment is warmer than the indoor environment and the drier outdoor air is sent to the indoor environment, thus balancing the humidity. While doing this process, less energy is used since the compressors are disabled. The dampers on the device adjust the amount of fresh air and exhaust according to the indoor and outdoor temperature difference.

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