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Water Filter Systems

Sulu Filtre Sistemleri

PSF series aqueous filtration systems; It is used in enterprises that release oil and particles to the atmosphere, such as industrial kitchens and factories. Filter; It works on the principle of washing the air. Water is sprayed with nozzles with wide spray angles.

PSF series water filtration systems also prevent water consumption as they work with the circulation logic. The particle trap filter in the circulation line prevents particles from entering the pump. During the maintenance, the water in the power plant is discharged with a ball valve; refilling of water is carried out with a float integrated to the power plant.

Existing fans can be used to evacuate the air in the environment, and it is also manufactured as a power plant with the suction system.

Sulu Sistem Filtre

Sulu Filtreleme Santrali

Exhaust air in aqueous filtration systems; After the washing process, the filtration efficiency was increased by passing it through a wire filter and a polyurethane filter. With the drop arrester louver fitted as standard on the power plant, the discharge of water particles from the chimney is minimized.

Water Filter Systems

Aqueous filtration systems; It is used for particle filtration in areas such as industrial kitchens, factories, paint shops and sandblasting. Factories often prefer to increase energy production efficiency and minimize panel maintenance time by preventing dust and soot formed on solar panels by exhaust air exhausted from chimneys in GES systems used in factories recently.

Sulu Filtre Sistemleri Uygulama

PSF series water filtering plants are manufactured from DKP sheet as standard; It is also manufactured from stainless sheet according to preference.

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