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AspiratorsVertical Discharge Roof Type Aspirators

Vertical Discharge Roof Type Aspirators
Outboard Motor

PRAV series external motor vertical discharge roof type aspirators are designed for air evacuation in industrial facilities.

Due to the fact that the engine is out of the air flow, it has the feature of working at high temperatures.

Fan and Motor

With correct engineering calculations, the required capacity is determined. The fan and motor capacity suitable for the capacity is determined. In the PRAV series vertical discharge roof type aspirators, direct coupled plug fan technology is used, apart from the statically and dynamically balanced engine airflow with a sparse blade structure. It is suitable for use in the evacuation of hot exhaust air, since the engine is out of the air flow.

System Control Panel

It is designed for the control of PRAV series roof type aspirators. Aspirator fan speed can be controlled with the frequency inverter in the panel; The fan speed can be increased or decreased according to the density situation. The on/off and speed control of the aspirator can be done via the panel, or it can be done with a mini-controller to be placed at a place to be determined by you.

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